Total Clash Customer Reviews:


Ideas to make it better

Yous should add a science part to the alliance so people can donate resources to the alliance to make it better and my other idea is if yous added a blacksmith so people can create stuff like guns swords and armour for there commander I enjoy this game is good just needs some decent updates but apart from that yous have made a great game thank you.

Force closed after update!!

first time played was good and smooth but after several update i can log in but if i tried to open world map the game suddenly closed. What happened?! its very disturbing, because i cant played the weekly event. Sucks!!


updates are very poor , force close , devices overheat , out of the game . it is very devastated , I hope quickly corrected

Good game but..

The game is fun and can become strong fast which is what I like. However my issue is, mail. If you press the right side of the message it will get deleted without any warning. I have lost lots of mail by accidentally doing this. This is due to habit of clicking messages on the right by default. Today I lost my rewards, so I purpose that the developers of the game implement a warning message when you click delete. This will stop emails from being accidentally deleted.

Love it

Awesome game.


Great game back to regular play !!!

Well this game is great for me

I will rate it five stars if you will make it faster because it is hard to have a chat on world.


always force to close!!!! can't pl ay well pls fix :( wtf wont load

Big font

After last update, please note that the fonts too big. Its doesn't suitable.

Total CRASH!!!

Tell me how can I enjoy this game when it keep crashing every freaking time!? The last update makes game crash on world map, now this recent update after the great war makes the game crash even in city view.

Good game.

Good game to pass time.

Music sound remain

Every time after shut down the game, the game music still playing. I need to go to force stop it. How to solve?

Has lots of potential but needs a lot of work , the reward system is poor especially when we spend money to buy the boosts, and I haven't been receiving my resources whenever I attack towns but overall I'm liking it so far


Like the others can no longer login. Not a happy camper!!!

Total clash

I can't login now why... and now it's been 5 hours still can't believe this locking out of my game T.C lolz


wont open after the update im uninstalling

What happen

It wont open

I cant log in

loading screen

wud give five stars as the game is in my top 3 games i play. please fix an dont delete saying it was in beta faze.

wont load

since update it wont open this needs to be fixed and compensation for the lose of the prizes from the events.

Just 1 Star

Fix Please Game We Cant log in Game

Was good

I liked this game but now I can't get past the load screen

Update bug

Wont load after update dont think you should of added the cigar on the animation on the title screen lol


Cant open my game since i updated this morning.. Crap crap ..please fix this :(

Can't log in

Was fine this morning then the game kicked me and now it won't let me back in. Fix please as I was ranked high in kill event now can't finish! Losing prizes as we speak! Just stays on opening page. Needs to be fixed asap


Why won't my game open need to sort it for higher rate or I will be deleting


Its a desaster need refund! Total crushed

After update not open :(


Good game so far, but won't open after today's update. :-(

Latests upgrade

Game wont load after installing


what has just happen you require us to update just to stop playing? after a lot of efforts and spending playing and building this is what we get? this is annoying stupid


After two week of building and i bought a starter pack you guys updated and now it won't open up the game, for amount of money u ppl make this definitely should not be a issue but it is so Im annoyed with how lazy the creaters are

I'm not sure if I hate this..I haven't been able to even log in to try it..I downloaded it twice now and it won't even open..Wtfck!

Game won't open!.. I'm already disturbed/worried about adding cash to play.


I was a fairly high level player and now the game won't even load to play it. I Uninstalled the game and reinstalled but still the same problem. Wtf is up with that. You owe me a refund on the purchases i made for this game if i can't get back in to play it. Someone needs to get back to me asap or I'll report you for fraud. I'm waiting!




When did you open the kingdom2 in worldmap?? Do you have fb group i want to join.. New update but still no improvement.. Are devs and mod here are useless?? Few days now no reply from dev or mod...

I liked the game but I removed it. Needs new Kingdom and when all my troops just got killed while farming. Not wounded just killed. So please complete the game and make more alliance contributions. And I will play it. Thank you

Scam artists, and a rip off of a game...

Screenshots on all social media are from Napoleon or Medieval: Total War. Game forced me to format my phone after it installed. Only download and play if you support thieves and scam artists.

New kingdom

Ope a new kingdom just joined game players have 600k+ Power how can we compete with them… Aftr that we will give 5 Star

Tanha Z